Kuji Komiya’s “Unnamed Memory” will become an anime in 2023!

unnamedmemory_teaser.  gamersrd

Kyutoki Komiya’s novel “Nameless Memory” will be made into a television animation in 2023. A teaser visual, promotional video, and main cast have been announced.

“Unnamed Memory” takes place in an era where five witches who wield immense power have become symbols of fear for the people. Oscar, the crown prince of Farsus, who has received a curse that prevents him from leaving offspring, visits Tinasha, the “Witch of the Blue Moon” who lives in a tower in the desert, to break the curse. Oscar, who has overcome the ordeal of the “Witch’s Tower” to grant any wish, hopes to take Tinasha as his wife… The meeting between the Prince, who became the witch’s pactista, and the witch, who became In the prince’s guardian, she will spark a revolution in the Age of Witches and eventually rewrite the fate of the world.

Yoshiki Nakajima will play Oscar and Atsumi Tanezaki will play Tinasha. The director is Kazuya Miura, series composition is Deko Akao, character design is Chika Noumi, and animation is produced by ENGI. Additionally, the visual teaser shows Tinasha, the “Blue Moon Witch” who lives in the Desert Tower.

Comments have arrived from Furumiya, Nakajima, and Tanezaki, and congratulatory illustrations from chibi, the original illustration, and Naoki Koshimizu, who is in charge of drawing the comicization. In addition, a congratulatory commentary was also delivered from Tappei Nagatsuki of “Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-“, who worked on the band’s commentary on the original.

unnamedmemory_teaser.  gamersrd


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