Pokémon Crimson & Crimson: The Starters and Their Evolutions – Who Do You Choose?

Pokémon Crimson & Crimson: The Starters and Their Evolutions - Who Do You Choose?

Pokémon Crimson & Crimson have just appeared and present you with a difficult choice right at the beginning of the new adventure: Which partner Pokémon should you start the journey with? We present you the three starters Felori, Krokel and Kwaks together with their developments shortly before, so that you have a decision-making aid. Feel free to tell us in the comments which starter you chose.

Pokémon Crimson & Crimson: These are the starters and their evolutions

You can only choose one: If you take the first steps in Paldea, you will soon be able to choose a starter. Unfortunately, you can’t take the other two Pokémon with you. So make a good decision.

The other starters can still be obtained by exchanging: You can still swap the other two starters. Either with a friend or you’re lucky at spell trading. If you want to make someone happy yourself: you can use the picnics to breed eggs. So just let your launcher and a Ditto romp around and you can get more copies of your launcher to keep trading.


Felori is the plant starter. the kitten with the green fur likes to groom himself and looks at his trainer with his big, sweet eyes. It belongs to the Florakatze genus and always tries to be the center of attention.

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At level 16, Felori evolves to Feliospa further.

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At level 36, Feliospa reaches its final stage of evolution and becomes maskagato. The cat-like Pokémon with the Plant and Dark types stands on two legs and, in addition to the green fur, also has black fur in the form of a mask and boots. It is a tricky and devious Pokémon belonging to the genus magician belongs.

being Attack and Initiative stats are best, making it very nimble and meant to be played physically. In addition to its emergency fertilizer ability, it can instead master the hidden ability transfiguration, allowing it to take on the type of attack it’s using. His special move is flower trickwhich always hits and even has a direct hit guarantee.

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Crokel is the fire starter and a small two-legged one Crocodile, that always seems a bit stupid but dear to the heart. Its arms are quite small, but it has a large mouth from which it can spit fire. Krokel can absorb heat through its scales on its belly and tail and convert it into fire energy.

The starter Pokémon Crokel from Pokémon Crimson & Pokémon Crimson.
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At level 16, Krokel evolves into locomotive further.

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At level 36, Lokroko reaches its final form and evolves into skelecroc. The huge, fearsome crocodile now owns the Type combination fire and ghost and moves on four legs.

Owns Skelokrok high values ​​in HP, Defense and Special Attack, making it a good all-rounder that packs a punch with special attacks but is also well protected against physical attacks. His special attack is blaze songa special attack that increases Special Attack with each use, making it stronger each time.

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As a third party, we have them little duck kwaks. He is the water starter and has mostly white plumage save for a blue tuft of feathers on its head. It attaches great importance to a well-groomed appearance and hates getting dirty. Kwaks is always very loyal to his trainer and sincerely follows his orders.

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At level 16, Kwaks evolves to fuentente further.

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Final form reaches Fuentente at level 36 and evolves into Bailonda. That Water/Fighting Pokémon has similarities to a peacock and has beautiful blue feathers all over her body, reminiscent of a Brazilian carnival costume. Appropriately, it moves in rhythmic dance steps.

Bailonda’s strength is undoubtedly his attack value. All other values ​​are not there, whereby the initiative value still represents the second highest value by some distance. His special attack wave dance is also physical in nature and causes the initiative value to increase with each use.

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