Pokémon Crimson: How to defeat Professor Antiqua in Zone Zero

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Warning, spoilers follow: You have to get into a total of three storylines Pokemon crimson complete before you into the endgame may fall. There, in a previously inaccessible area, Professor Antiqua. How you can defeat them, we will tell you in the following lines.

Professor Antiqua harnesses the power of the past

After defeating the Pokémon League, defeating Team Star, and defeating the Ruler Pokémon, wait the final leg of your open world adventure on you! This leads you into the so-called zone zeroa restricted area where particularly strong Pokémon lurk.

This also includes Paradox Pokémon, so pocket monsters that come from another time! While you are in “Crimson” monsters from the future expect, it’s in “Crimson” beings from the past. This is exactly what Professor Antiqua will use against you.

she is the final boss, which you have to face as part of the main story of the game. Or to put it more precisely: you have to fight them Professor Antiqua AI fight, since the original unfortunately no longer lives. In total, your opponent uses six Paradox Pokémon.

The boss will turn against you howlertail (Level 66) and flutter hair (Level 66), against which we suggest you use spirit attacks. Versus creep wings (Level 66) and rage mushroom (Level 66) fire attacks are very effective. sand fur (Level 66) and thunder crescent (Level 67) you can use ice attacks to put them in their place. However, the fight is not over after that!

After defeating the Professor Antiqua AI’s regular Pokemon team, she will turn against you Koraidon (Level 72) send into battle. Common in this duel: You cannot bet on your regular team as normal Poké Balls will be blocked. Now it’s time for your Koraidon in “Pokémon Crimson”. By the way, the course of this fight is scriptedi.e. given.

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All you have to do is survive a few turns and prevent your Pokemon incapacitated becomes. As soon as yours teracrystallization charged, you can give your opponent the coup de grace. As a reward, you can now use your Koraidon in regular fights deploy. In addition, you have now successfully played through Pokémon Crimson. You can find more tips about the game in our guides.

“Pokémon Crimson & Crimson” are since November 18, 2022 available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.