Pokémon Crimson: How to win against Professor Futurus in Zone Zero

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Warning, spoilers follow: After her the three storylines of Pokemon Purple successfully completed, this begins Endgame of your open world adventure. This takes you to a previously inaccessible area where you finally can Professor Future meets

Professor Futurus uses very special Pokémon

Once you’ve become the new champ, defeated all the rulers, and defeated Team Star, you can head to Zone Zero. This is a completely new areawhich you could not enter at all up to this point: the so-called zone zeroa restricted area.

The reason why no one is allowed to venture into this area is simple: Very special pocket monsters are waiting for you here, the Paradox Pokémon to be named. Exactly this one also rushes you Professor Future on the neck that you have to face in “Pokémon Crimson”.

More precisely, you have to fight one Professor Futurus AI compete, because the real professor passed away some time ago. A machine has continued its work and now wants you to stop it. It is the last final boss, which you will face as part of the story and this fight really packs a punch! The Futurus AI uses six very strong Pokémon.

Your opponent uses Paradox Pokémon that come from the future. Which includes iron bundle (Level 66) and iron spike (Level 66) against which you should use Fighting-type attacks. iron moth (Level 66) and iron neck (Level 66) are particularly vulnerable to rock attacks. iron hand (Level 66) and iron warrior (Level 67) you should be able to get a good grip on it with psycho attacks.

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After you have eliminated the AI ​​team of six, however, it is not over yet: the paradise protection protocol now takes over and turns against you Miraidon (Level 72) use. This battle is different than the previous ones because your other Pokémon are caught in their ballswhich is why you have to send out your Miraidon. Survive a few rounds and ends the duel with a teracrystallization.

You have now won the fight and successfully defeated the final boss of the main story of “Pokémon Crimson”. As a small reward, you can have your Miraidon switch to your team at any time and let fight. Of course there has to be a place for that. If you are looking for more tips on tasks in the open world adventure, please have a look our guides on.

“Pokémon Crimson & Crimson” are since November 18, 2022 available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.