Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour Today with Sea Pug and More XP

Pokémon GO Sea Pug Shiny

Spotlight Hour with Sea Pug starts today, December 13th, in Pokémon GO. Here we show you everything about the bonuses, shinys and times of the event.

What is this event? Spotlight Hour runs every Tuesday night in Pokémon GO. For the duration of the event, a previously selected Pokémon is the focus and appears much more frequently in the game.

There is also a bonus that should make the event even more palatable for you. Here is an overview of what awaits you on Tuesday.

Spotlight Hour on December 13th – Launch, Bonuses, Shiny

When does it start? As you know from this type of events, the spotlight hour starts at 18:00 local time. It is then active for one hour and ends again at 7:00 p.m.

What bonuses are there? During Spotlight Hour, you’ll find Sea Pugs just about anywhere in the wild. The Pokémon comes from the third generation of the game and belongs to the types Ice and Water. His evolutions are Seejong and Walraisa.

In addition, you get double the amount of experience points for catching Pokémon. This counts for all Pokemon—not just catching Sea Pug.

In the next spotlight hour, Arktip await you:

Pokémon GO: All Spotlight Hours in December 2022 and their bonuses

Are there shiny sea pugs? Yes, you can catch shiny sea pugs in Pokémon GO. However, keep in mind that the chances for this are not increased during a spotlight hour. You can see Shiny Seemops in the graphic below:

Is the spotlight hour worth it with Seemops? You can use the XP bonus on the way up to level 50. But how strong are Seamops and its evolutions? Seemops himself is not particularly important, but Seejong at least makes it into the middle of the Superliga.

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Seamops’ final evolution, Walraisa, is a valuable attacker. In the super league and hyper league in PvP, it plays in the top places. In the champions league, Walraisa makes it into the upper midfield. Walraisa is okay in PvE, but there are stronger alternatives in raids.

There is still a lot to do in the next few days: All events in December 2022 at Pokémon GO at a glance.