PS5 and PS4 Year in Review – Check out your hours of play now in the 2022 PlayStation Wrap-Up

PS5 and PS4 Year in Review – Check out your hours of play now in the 2022 PlayStation Wrap-Up

You want to know how much PS5 and PS4 you’ve played this year – and what exactly? You can see it now in the PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 year in review.

What is PlayStation Wrap Up? The annual review of one’s own statistics has almost become a tradition at the PlayStation. Now the 2022 review is also available.

In the PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022, you can take a close look at how you’ve made your year on PlayStation.

How do I get my review? For that you need this Link to the PlayStation website with the wrap-up follow.

Here you have to log in with your PSN account and you’ll get your personal review.

The recap is available until January 13, 2023.

That’s in the PlayStation Wrap Up 2022 – with Avatar gift

You can see this: In the Year in Review, you can see various stats about what you’ve played on PlayStation this year. Among other things, it shows you:

  • Your playing time in hours
    • If you want to put your result in perspective: There are 8760 hours in a year.
  • The games you’ve played – including their ranking and percentage of how much they affect you
  • your favorite genre
  • Your trophies, the oldest and the newest
  • How many games you have used from PS Plus, how much you have been online and more

In addition, a few general statistics on games like God of War, Horizon: Forbidden West or Stray are thrown in.

It also shows which games were particularly popular on PS Plus. Accordingly, FIFA 22 is said to have been the most popular PS Plus game, followed by UF4, Dirt 5, Team Sonic Racing and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 +2.

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What is free? When you’ve gone through all of your stats, you’ll get an avatar for your PS profile that should match your stats.

It is in the style of Astro Bots, which is known, for example, from the PS5 demo game Astros Playroom.

At the end of the day you get a code that you have to redeem in the PS Store.

What do you think of the review? What are your results? Did you play as many hours as expected? More? Fewer? Tell us in the comments!