RE:CALL: Visual novel alters memories

RE:CALL: Visual novel alters memories

In RE:CALL, players experience and can manipulate the playable character’s memories.

Indie publisher Whitethorn Games today announced that RE:CALL will be released on January 17th, 2023 for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S and Steam!

RE:CALL is the latest title from Matías Schmied, developer of the visual novel/puzzle platformer Evan’s Remains, in which players embark on a literally mind-bending adventure in which the altering of the protagonist’s memories brings the present to life in unexpected and helpful ways can change.

dr Matthew White, CEO of Whitethorn Games: “When Matías came back to us after his first game, Evan’s Remains, we couldn’t say no. RE:CALL is a brilliant concept, both in narrative structure and game mechanics, and the Whitethorn team will cherish the memories it supports.”

In RE:CALL, players embark on a visual novel-style adventure through the playable character’s memories. In the form of flashbacks, the protagonist can alter their memory of past events to directly affect the present.

A guard with a minor head wound might block access to a door, but what if the protagonist had used a different method to get past her instead of the stone they used the first time? Solve puzzles, change the hearts and minds of friends and foes, and reshape the future!


  • A Player’s Memoir: Immerse yourself in an epic narrative adventure starring 10 unique characters, each with their own quirks and relationships to the protagonist.
  • A butterfly flaps its wings… Changing the past has an immediate impact on the future. Use this strange power to escape from a factory, solve a crime, and defeat your adversaries!
  • True Detective: The circumstances surrounding the protagonist’s powers are steeped in mystery. Start an investigation to find out who is behind all this!
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This trailer was released for this:

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