Slitherine Next: All the news and announcements from the Strategy Livestream

Slitherine Next: All the news and announcements from the Strategy Livestream

Slitherine took an up-to-date look at its current and future portfolio as part of its livestream Slitherine Next tonight.

Among other things, there were new announcements for games that had already been released, but also completely new titles.

Slitherine Next at a Glance

In Ancient Arenas: Chariots For example, it is about chariot races in ancient Rome. You complete real-time races, breed new horses, customize the race cars and more.

You manage your team, hire drivers, research new technologies and take on the competition in the Circus Maximus.

Of Broken Arrow there was a mission from the single player campaign to see for the first time, as well as the first deck specialization was presented with the US Marine Corps.

Broken Arrow promises big battles on equally big battlefields and more than 200 different units. America and Russia are available as factions, and planning before battle is an important factor.

With Field of Glory: Kingdoms the latest grand strategy game from developer AGEOD awaits you. You choose a nation in the early Middle Ages and determine its future fate.

You can interact with hundreds of nations from Europe, the Middle East and Africa from the year 1054. You can expect a large main campaign as well as several smaller campaigns.

Headquarters World War II however, is described as a fast-paced, turn-based strategy game in which your tactics on the battlefield are as important as managing your army.

You fight in Europe and you can do it on the side of the USA or Britain and Germany. There are three campaigns and a number of hand-crafted scenarios themed around the Battle of Normandy in 1944.

to Starship Troopers: Terran Command a new Lava DLC was presented, which expands the strategy game with a new setting.

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