Why no news about Fable 4? Allegedly Microsoft is to blame…

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In the summer of 2020, Microsoft announced a new game in the RPG series Fable, which was celebrated with a suitable trailer. However since that time it was around fable 4 – or whatever the title may ultimately be called – got damn quiet. There were no new details about the content or the features current gameplay footage. But why is that? Is development at risk? A well-known industry insider the blame lies with Microsoft, among others even.

Is Microsoft pausing development of Fable?

Working on the new fable (buy now €32.77 ) known to run Playground Games, which previously made its name with the Forza Horizon racing game series. Like the leaker and insider Jez Corden the development team has to grapple with some of Microsoft’s fundamental ideologies, which noticeably impede the production process. This is particularly noticeable in the stubborn attitude prefer to rely on internal engines and toolsrather than established industry standards such as the Unreal Engine 5 to fall back.

Currently, for the development of Fable 4, in all likelihood, the ForzaTech engine used, which was not designed for role-playing games, but rather for open-world titles such as Forza Horizon.

According to Corden, there is other factors too, who are responsible for the slow development process of the new Fable. This includes, among other things the global corona pandemic and their manifold effects on the gaming industry.

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