WoW: “Recruit a Friend” – Blizzard reduces the requirements

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from Philip Sattler
The Blizzard developers have recently adjusted the well-known “Recruit a Friend” program and lowered the requirements for those referred. From now on, the recruited player no longer has to be completely out of WoW for at least two years.

With WoW: Dragonflight, a lot of players have returned to Azeroth. Some of these were only paused for a few months, while others have suspended the full Shadowlands expansion. In addition, Dragonflight, like many expansions before it, has attracted some new players who have so far refused to be fascinated by WoW.

Both returning and new players have made use of the Recruit A Friend program. Active players can recruit new (or returning) players and receive some rewards. Unfortunately, for many returnees, that was out of the question because they hadn’t been out of the game long enough.