WoW: Ruby Life Pool in Mythic Plus Dungeon Guide (Dragonflight Season 1)

WoW: Mythic Plus in Season 1 - Dungeons, Loot, Affixes (all info)

We already know the ruby ​​life tankruby life pool

Number of bosses: 3
Time limit: 30 minutes from the level phase of WoW: Dragonflight and in Mythic Plus mode, the bosses don’t change much. Each of them only gets one new ability and of course everything causes significantly more damage – depending on your keystone level. With only three bosses and a time limit of 30 minutes, your visit is not only quite short, it is also not particularly difficult.

On the beta servers, the Ruby Lifepool was one of the easiest Mythic Plus dungeons. However, that may well have changed in the meantime. On the other hand, what will hardly have changed is the path you take through the dungeon. There are few opportunities to deviate from the prescribed route, although we are sure that the absolute high-end players will still find one or the other very “strange” route and then not go through it from front to back.

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