WoW: Two necklaces from the raid = a new Ottuk mount!

WoW: Mythic Plus in Season 1 - Dungeons, Loot, Affixes (all info)

from Philip Sattler
There are mounts to be looted in the WoW raids. That in itself is nothing new. The fact that you have to collect two necklaces in Dragonflight is quite new and worth mentioning.

InWoW (buy now ): Dragonflight, there are so many things to discover and explore. The developers have done a damn good job of linking various contents together and sometimes leaving the usual paths without ignoring them entirely. The new raid, Vault of Incarnations, is a good example of this.

As in the past, there are some mounts to loot – including that for the mythical kill of final boss Razageth. You get these in the classic way. At the same time, there are other mounts like this Ottuk the Iskaara Merchant. You can get this from the dealer, but you can’t just buy it there for gold. Instead you have to go to the raid.