Asmongold Talks Crazy Offer On Twitch – Get $12,000 For 10 Minutes

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Asmongold happened upon an offer on Twitch that surprised even him. For just 10 minutes, he should be making as much money as most people don’t make in months. And it’s not the first time he’s been offered so much money.

What was that offer? In a live stream, several users in Asmongold’s chat wanted to know why he did so little advertising. The streamer then showed the “money buttons”, the buttons that activate advertising in his live stream. He just doesn’t press them, was his short answer.

However, the streamer then discovered a new offer that was listed in the so-called bounties. And that even amazed the streamer:

That’s crazy! Well, I’ll just tell you. One of the assignments I have to complete here is show something for ten minutes and they give me $12,000. Is not that crazy? Holy cow!

He did not reveal exactly what Asmongold was supposed to show in the live stream. But the offer makes it clear that advertisers on Twitch spend huge sums of money to get attention.

Asmongold reported back in 2020 that a company offered him $200,000 just to show their game for a day. However, bounties on Twitch are much easier to use, do not require personal contacts and are automated.

You can watch the clip of the Bounty offer here:

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Thousands of euros just to show certain games or trailers

What exactly is behind the bounties? Bounties are special tasks that Twitch Partners can take on to earn more money. As a rule, they should watch trailers with their viewers or show certain games in their live stream.

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The payment depends on the respective advertising provider, but also on the size of the streamer. It is possible to complete multiple bounties per day.

How much money beckons? Streamer Pokelawls accidentally showed his interface with bounties live in a stream (via Imgur):

  • He was offered $3,091 for 30 minutes in Fortnite.
  • He got $7,365 for an hour of Genshin Impact in August.
  • The streamer received $992 for watching the official trailer for Cocaine Bear. The trailer was almost 2 minutes.

This leak caused a lot of misunderstanding and sometimes anger. The sums probably exceeded the expectations of many viewers. In reddit it says something like: “Imagine you donate your pocket money to a streamer who earns $ 1,000 in two minutes by watching a trailer.”

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At Asmongold, however, the reactions are much more relaxed. He even gets praise in the top comments because he doesn’t take every bounty with him and doesn’t run ads all the time. He has more money than most of his viewers, but doesn’t use it to get richer.

This also showed his decision to only stream on the second channel for a long time, which brought him significantly less income. However, with WoW Dragonflight he returned to his main channel like:

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