Bayonetta: Hideki Kamiya Has Plans For Multiple Sequels – News

Bayonetta: Hideki Kamiya Has Plans For Multiple Sequels - News

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Platinum Games isn’t done with the beating witch action yet Bayonetta. Just a few days ago, Bayonetta Origins announced a spin-off in a children’s book look and without revealing too much: Although the one that appeared in October of this year bayonetta 3 (in the test, grade 9.5) with its wealth of escalating scenes and weird ideas sometimes seems like a farewell performance, in the end the stage is set for a sequel.

IGN recently spoke to the series creator and Vice President of Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya and who underscored that, from his perspective at least, he has no end in sight to the quick-witted adventures that, with their 13-year history, now represent Platinum Games’ longest-lived brand and Kamiya’s longest-lived project (as publisher Nintendo sees, of course on another sheet).

“Personally, I can’t imagine the Bayonetta series ever ending. I want a bayonetta 4 and bayonetta 5 do and plan to propose to the company. We often talk internally about doing nine. I want the people who love Bayonetta to believe me when I say: I will not do anything that amounts to betraying the players.”

At the same time, some of the fans were dissatisfied with certain romantic developments in Part 3 and that with all the wild ideas, the development of the antagonist Unity was forgotten. Kamiya addressed the relationship with the fans right at the beginning of the conversation:

“I’ve not only been involved with the games as a game director, I write the stories and oversee the development in general, so I feel like I’ve been able to keep the world of Bayonetta my way in general. One of ours The most fundamental principles at Platinum Games is that we make games for players, but I noticed at some point that with Bayonetta or any other series, over time, what the fans want is drifting apart from what the developers are creating, but even then we can’t just do it add what the majority wants in our games I’ve always believed that developers as creatives need to have their own beliefs in game development, but now I feel it more than ever.

One sees [die Unterschiede zwischen Erwartung und Spiel] when it comes to the story, and there are even many opinions as far as the game mechanics are concerned. Take the Bayonetta brand for example: while I have a structure in mind for where the story is going far into the future, players can only judge the story they have at the moment. They say things like ‘The show is ending because the creators don’t love it anymore’. I want people to know that that’s obviously not the case. I love Bayonetta more than anyone. How could I not love Bayonetta and all the other characters I’ve raised for so long?”

It’s worth noting that Kamiya only served as game director for Bayonetta’s first appearance. In the rest of the interview, Kamiya also talks about his next game with the working title Project GG., a yet-to-be-announced AAA game, the Twitter takeover Elon Musk and a new Platinum studio in Fukuoka (the city will be featured in a 2022 episode for supporters of our Japan documentary).

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