Buy PS5: Thousands of Playstation 5s can now be ordered from Amazon for delivery before Christmas?

The limited God of War Ragnarok Collectors Edition is now available to order on Amazon.

Although the Playstation 5 has been available to order across the board in recent weeks, Sony’s large-scale pre-order campaign will not be delivered until January. But if you want to buy a PS5 at short notice in order to be able to put the Sony console that is still in great demand under a Christmas tree, you have to wait for one of the rare PS5 drops. Today, the chances of this at Amazon are increasing significantly, because the shipping giant holds PS5 sales campaigns almost exclusively on Wednesdays. Thousands of PS5 consoles are usually sold. You can find out which offers to keep an eye on and everything else about a possible PS5 sale on Amazon here. In addition, you still get a larger PS5 bundle, available immediately, but at a steep price.

Bundle offer: Buy PS5 and get it delivered immediately

You can also buy a PS5 at In addition to the Playstation 5 Disc Edition, the package includes the top game God of War Ragnarök and the Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection. Furthermore, the top headset Arctis Nova 7P is included in the Playstation 5 package. The headphones allow you to play God of War and the Uncharted parts without disturbing others. The retailer charges a price of 879 euros for the lavishly equipped PS5 package. A proud price, but you get the PS5, which is currently mostly sold out, delivered immediately, so in time for Christmas. who buy the PS5 bundle at However, if you want to, you have to hurry, the contingent will probably be sold out soon.

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Delivery before Christmas: Can the PS5 be bought from Amazon today?

It’s only two more Wednesdays before Christmas and Wednesday is known to be THE Amazon day when it comes to PS5 drops in 2022. The chances are significantly better today than on any other day of the week that the PS5 can be bought from Amazon. If there’s a PS5 sale today, there’s a good chance you’ll get the Sony console in time for the festival. Normally, several thousand PS5 consoles leave the Amazon warehouse as part of a Playstation 5 sale. The Playstation 5 can usually be ordered from the shipping giant in the morning. The following offers should be kept in mind.

Buy on Amazon PS5

Here are the current official PS5 prices for comparison

PS5 can still be pre-ordered here

If you want to buy the PS5 but no longer need it before Christmas, you can still pre-order Playstation 5. Both at Media Markt and at Saturn, the bundle is still out PS5 Disc Edition and the PS5 hit God of War Ragnarök, for 619 euros, which corresponds to Sony’s recommended price. However, the earliest delivery date is January 31st. With the FIFA 23 bundle and PS5 Digital Edition now sold out, we expect the God of War bundle to be available for pre-order for a limited time only. The PS5 bundle was also available for pre-order at Alternate and Amazon for a long time, but no longer at the moment.

PS5 currently available for pre-order

PS5 may be pre-orderable again

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