Disney+: Subscription with advertising not available on many devices

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Similar to Netflix

The advertising-based subscription for Disney Plus has already started in the USA. However, there are problems on various devices, similar to the competitor Netflix.


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The subscription model with advertising is new to Disney Plus.
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At the beginning of the year, the Disney+ streaming service announced that it would offer a subscription model with advertising. The company is thus following the market development, after which its competitor Netflix recently entered cheaper subscription with commercial breaks had offered. So far, however, this is not available on all common devices used for streaming.

The situation is similar with Disney Plus. Because the advertising-based subscription has already started in the USA, it also offers restrictions on the choice of devices. Mainly affected Devices and smart TVs running the Roku operating systembut also your own Windows app for Disney+ does not appear to be compatible with the new model.

An official reason for the lack of support is not yet known. According to the website Techcrunch but Disney is currently still in Negotiations with Roku, in order to be able to offer the subscription with advertising. This is also quite important, since Roku is said to hold an estimated 36 percent market share among streaming providers in the USA.

However, it is unclear why it is not possible to use the cheaper subscription with the Disney + Windows app. Here, many users will probably have to switch to TV sets, tablets or their smartphones.

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How is it in Germany?

The advertising-based subscription to Disney Plus has not yet started in Germany. It shouldn’t be until next year, but there is no exact date yet. It is also unclear whether in Germany similar restrictions will apply to the devices.

In any case, in the USA, the monthly price for the ad-free subscription, which from now on Disney+ Premium that is, increased to $10.99. The ad-supported subscription Disney+ Basiccosts $7.99 per month.

The subscription with advertising from Netflix has already started in Germany at a price of 4.99 euros per month. Unlike Disney Plus, the prices of the normal Netflix subscription have not been increased. Apparently some Netflix Originals are missingwhich only Standard plan users can access, and again some devices are not compatible.

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