Doom: John Romero builds new 29th birthday episode live on Twitch

John Romero baut live neue Doom Karte

With doom some of you will have started your shooter career. The game is a milestone in gaming and FPS games. There are now several parts, but the original is loved like no other. Of course, the fans are happy when more content about the game be published. That’s exactly what announces John Romero live on Twitch on.

Doom: John Romero is building a new map live

Romero sits quietly in front of his computer and talks to his twitch chat. He’s open Doombuilder and a picture of one drawn map. For those who missed the beginning, there is a short text explaining the content of the stream:

“I’m building a Doom level and will be answering questions every half hour. I won’t talk all the time. This is for SIGIL II, which is for the original Doom.”

During the next five hours, Romero is constantly between build and try switch. The card on the side is one rough sketch the emerging world. As far as questions go, he answers whatever the audience can think of. Questions about the game, the program or in general.

New 30th Anniversary Episode

Some will probably feel old now, but yes, the release of “Doom” is almost three decades ago. Since then, new parts and episodes have appeared. the last episode SIGILE, is now also three years ago. She is at that time 25th anniversary of the game announced and published a year later.

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These gaming tech use streamers for gaming:

The current stream takes place at 29th birthday held by Doom. The game was released in 1993 and is still loved today. That’s why John wants Romero develop another episodewhich then for the anniversary to be released next year target.

The map he built in the stream will part of this episode be. So if you pay close attention, you already know part of the episode and the first easter egg.

Are you Doom fans and are you looking forward to a new episode? Write it to us in the Comments!