Pokémon GO: Cobalion counter in the raid guide – 20 strongest attackers

Pokémon GO Cobalion Normal Shiny

The best counters against Cobalion in Pokémon GO in the guide. We show you the best attackers and movesets. You can use it to defeat the boss in raids.

What kind of Pokemon is Cobalion? Cobalion comes from the fifth generation of the game and has the Steel and Fighting types. It belongs to the Knights of Righteousness along with Terrakium, Virizion and Keldeo.

When is cobalion coming? You can find the boss in Pokémon GO starting December 15 at 10:00 a.m. local time. It will remain in-game for you until December 23 at 10:00 local time. Here we show you the best counters against cobalion and against which types it is weak (type effectiveness).

Defeating Cobalion in the Raid – With these counters

  1. Mega Lohgock with counter and tan cannonade
  2. Mega Charizard Y with fire whirl and tan cannonade
  3. terracotta with double kick and sancto blade
  4. Crypto Entei with Fire Tooth and Heat Fever
  5. Crypto-Machomey with counter and balancing punch
  6. Mega Simsala with counter and focus push
  7. Crypto Ho-Oh with Incinerate and Purifier+
  8. Crypto Lavados with fire whirl and heat fever
  9. Mega Charizard X with fire whirl and tan cannonade
  10. Reshiram with Fire Tooth and Heat Fever
  11. Crypto Hariyama with counter and balancing punch
  12. Crypto Mamutel with clay clamp and horsepower
  13. Mostagrif with counter and balancing punch
  14. Mega Dogemon with Fire Tooth and Flamethrower
  15. Lucario with counter and aura sphere
  16. Crypto Tornupto with cremation and tan cannonade
  17. Flampivian with Fire Tooth and Heat Fever
  18. Crypto Magbrant with fire whirl and fire blast
  19. skeleton with fire whirl and heat fever
  20. Ho Oh with cremation and purifying fire++
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Weaknesses of Cobalion: The Pokémon is of the Steel and Fighting types, making it vulnerable to Fighting, Ground, and Fire. In raids, rely primarily on attacks and Pokémon of these types to defeat cobalion.

Does Shiny Cobalion exist? Yes, you can catch Shiny Cobalion in Pokémon GO. We show you in the graphic what the dazzling version looks like:

Cobalion and Shiny Cobalion in comparison

How many trainers do you need? With the best high-level counters, you can defeat the boss in twos or threes. With lower levels but strong counters, you should rely on more trainers. In order to create the raids quickly, groups with many participants are ideal.