Pokémon Go: Unlocking the Winter Holidays With These Rewards!

Cover photo for the Pokémon GO Community Day 2022 with all Pokémon from the event.

player from Pokémon Go are preparing for the next event before: Unlocking part 1 of the Winter Holidays pending. It starts on December 15 at the usual time at 10 a.m. You then have until December 23rd to grab the bonuses and rewards. One of the highlights of the event is Mega Firnontor, which makes its debut in the smartphone hit’s Mega Raids. If you’re lucky, you’ll also encounter the dazzling version of the pocket monster. The event bonuses include 50 percent more experience points for won raid battles. Also: You can store up to 40 gifts in the bag until the end of the event.

The highlights of the winter holidays

Roam the wilderness to discover wild Pokémon. For the first time ever in Pokémon Go, there is a chance to find a Shiny Arktip. Pikachu with a winter carnival outfit, Botogel, Quiekel, Schneppke and Petznief are out and about more often than usual. Also Alolan Vulpix, Damhirplex with holiday outfit and Frigometri can be discovered with a bit of luck. During the holiday event, you can also participate in a Timed Research for 5 euros to get an event avatar pose. Two incubators, a smoke, Mega Energy for Rexblisar, and encounters with various event Pokémon also await you as rewards. You must complete the research by December 31st. Until then, it is also important to collect the rewards.

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