Pokémon Go: Winter Holidays Part 1 – Overview in the guide

Pokémon Go: Only 14 days of the season, already 3 event tickets - is it still possible, Niantic?  (1)

Wintertime is here, and that means Pokémon Go Trainers can enjoy a winter event, too. However, in 2022 this comes with a stale aftertaste. About the Winter Holidays: Part 1 in Pokémon Go, the people from Niantic want your savings again and again in a short time: In order for you to get a limited research on Winter Holidays Part 1, you should buy an event ticket that costs 5 USD “(or the equivalent price in your local currency)”. That in the world of Pokemon Go 5 Dollars hasn’t been equivalent to 5 Euros for a long time, we only recently shed light on the Keldeo release.

We’ll tell you what you can do for free below in the Pokémon Go Winter Holidays Part 1 Guide, and then we’ll go into the steps and rewards of the Timed Research if they’re known – and if they interest you, given the fact that you should pay for it.

Winter Holidays Part 1 2022 in Pokémon Go

The Winter Holidays Part 1 will start on December 15, 2022 at 10:00 AM and will then be active in the form until December 23, 2022 at 10:00 AM. However, since the Winter Holidays Part 2 event is still pending, it is not yet entirely clear whether one event will replace the other or whether the bonuses from Part 1 will still be valid.

  • As part of the event, you will receive 50 percent more XP for winning raid battles and you can store up to 40 gifts in the bag.
  • The following wintry Pokémon appear in the wild. We have marked the pocket monsters, which you can be lucky enough to collect as Shiny, with (+).
    • Pikachu with Winter Carnival Outfit (+), Squeaky (+), Botogel (+), Snipe (+), Sea Pug with Holiday Outfit (+), Shnebedeck (+), Gelatini, Petznief (+), Arktip (+), Alola- Vulpix (+), Damhirplex with holiday outfit (+), and Frigometri.
  • The following wintry Pokémon can hatch from 7km Eggs: Snivell (+), Kussilla (+), Amarino, Arktip (+), and Krabbox.
  • You can get hold of the following winter Pokémon through Field Research: Pikachu in Winter Carnival Outfit (+), Alolan Vulpix (+), Jurob (+), Muschas (+), Rossana (+), Damhirplex in Holiday Outfit (+), Sea Pug with Holiday Outfit (+), Krabbox, Sniebel (+), and Glaziola with Holiday Outfit (+).
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The following Pokémon appear in the raids:

  • Tier 1 Raids
    • Pikachu in Winter Carnival Outfit (+), Alolan Vulpix (+), Sea Pug in Holiday Outfit (+), Galarian Flampion (+), Arktip (+)
  • Tier 3 Raids
    • Austos lapras (+), Damhirplex with Holiday Outfit (+), Glaziola with Holiday Outfit (+)
  • Tier 5 Raids
  • Mega Raids