The Dawning Returns in Season of the Seraphim in Destiny 2

The Dawning Returns in Season of the Seraphim in Destiny 2, GamersRD

today return to destiny 2 the free event The Aurora with joy and good news for all guardians. Eva Levante is back in the Tower to help players make delicious cookies with highly questionable ingredients. Starting on January 2nd, players will be able to get into the spirit of the Dawning and treat their favorite characters from across the system with tasty treats.

This year the Dawning brings the novelty of the event card, where players can complete challenges to unlock rewards like emblems, shaders, and rare skins. Additionally, players can upgrade their cards with Silver to unlock another Exotic Shell, Exotic Sparrow, new Emote, and more. For Guardians who want to give it their all, completing all the challenges on the event card will earn you the Stellar Bakery title and seal.

In addition to fighting with stasis-filled snowballs, players will be able to earn the new Legendary Pulse Rifle, Cold Head FP7, which will aid them in their quest for ingredients. More Dawning-themed cosmetic items will be available in the Eververse store during the event, including new sets of armor skins for each class. Players can also participate in Moments of Triumph until the end of Season of the Seraphim as the Guardians prepare for the next expansion. Destiny 2: Eclipsewhich will be released on February 28.

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