WoW: Academy of Algeth’ar in Mythic Plus Dungeon Guide (Dragonflight Season 1)

MMORE 01/2023: Season 1 in WoW: Dragonflight - the information for a round endgame!

The Academy was the last dungeon the developers completed for Dragonflight. And you noticed that in the test phase in many nooks and crannies.Academy of Algeth’ar

Number of bosses: 4
Time limit: 32 minutes Not only was the amount of bugs high, the balancing was also very expandable. In return, you can ally yourself with one of the dragon swarms right at the start and then get a suitable buff.

All you have to do is talk to the appropriate NPC before moving left to Vexamus or straight ahead to the Overgrown Ancient. However, you can only have one of the buffs active at a time. The following buffs are available on recruiters of the same color:

  • Bronze: 5 percent pace
  • Red: 5 percent versatility
  • Black: 5 percent critical hit value
  • Blue: 584 Mastery
  • Green: 10 percent more healing received

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