WoW: Attack of the Nokhud in Mythic Plus Dungeon Guide (Dragonflight Season 1)

WoW: Dragonflight: Attack of the Nokhud (1)

Unlike many other dungeons in WoW history, Nokhud Attack does not play in a small part of an area, but takes up the entire area. The entire Plains of Ohn’ahra is the setting for this instance. But don’t worry, you don’t have to fight your way back and forth across the entire area. Instead, you pick up your kite. Because in the attack of the Nokhud you can and should fly from one boss to the next with your dragon riding mount. Of course you can also walk from boss to boss on the floor, but then the time limit will certainly not work.

The Attack of the Nokhud

Number of bosses: 4
Time limit: 40 minutesBecause it would be pretty boring to just knock out the four bosses in a row, you still have to make Trash, of course. Certain mob groups are mandatory because you cannot attack the individual bosses as long as these groups are still alive. Others, however, are purely optional. And so you have a lot of choice with which opponents you want to get the necessary percentages. Because just killing the prescribed opponents is far from enough.

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