WoW: Go straight up into M+? Then avoid the “old” dungeons

When Nozdormu tells the story of the Dragon Aspects to the Dracthyr commander Glutthal, he explains that the power of the Titan Keepers elevated the primitive proto-drakes to a higher form of life.

from Sebastian Glanzer
A bug in WoW: Dragonflight is currently causing the four older dungeons in the Mythic Plus Season 1 dungeon pool to ignore an important keystone award mechanic.

Season 1 of WoW: Dragonflight has started and with it the run on the Mythic Plus dungeons has begun. If you complete a normal mythical dungeon, you will automatically receive a level 2 keystone at the end of the dungeon and can then continue to level it up. Players already know this system from previous expansions. Anyone who joins a group in their first run that has already completed higher levels of difficulty will be given a higher key depending on the level of difficulty.