WoW: Up to 30 days ban for tailoring “exploit” – is the player to blame?

WoW: Up to 30 days ban for tailoring 'exploit' - is the player to blame?  (2)

from Sebastian Glanzer
Right at the start of WoW: Dragonflight Season 1, players were banned for crafting too many bolts of rare cloth. The duration of the suspensions ranges from 7 days to 30 days. The exploiters are only partially to blame this time.

Anyone who exploits errors in the game so much in WoW that they massively harm others or enrich themselves enormously from them must expect a ban penalty. Anything out of the ordinary and too good to be true should therefore be viewed with caution. As in the most recent case, it is not always clear whether it really is an exploit or not.

Recently, players were banned for up to 30 days because they played too many Bolt of Chronocloth and Azurewoven Bales have made. The tailor’s special bolts of cloth were subject to varying cooldown times over the first few weeks of the expansion. The crux: The cooldown was never displayed in the new professions menu. Anyone who kept checking whether the cooldown for the rare substance was ready was punished.

Player wrongly penalized?

WoW: Up to 30 days ban for tailoring “exploit” – is the player to blame? (2)

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If you call up the tailor’s professions window, you will only see how many bales you can still make, but not when you can tailor them again. It is not yet known how many more balls than planned were made by some players. Either way, the ban penalties between 7 and 30 days seem unjustified.

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Even if a bug in the game was exploited here, many players see the error in the Blizzard developers. If a certain number of Bolt of Chronocloth and Azurewoven Bales should have been prevented, it should have been indicated in the professions window or at least communicated. The ban penalty itself also came as a surprise to players. It is possible that the developers will give in to the penalties. We will keep you up to date on this topic. Do you think the penalties are fair? We look forward to your opinion in the comments.

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