Cities – Skylines: Financial Districts released for PC and consoles – News

Cities - Skylines: Financial Districts released for PC and consoles - News

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Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have this week Cities – Skylines: Financial Districts a new extension for the Citybuilder Cities – skylines released. The expansion is investment-focused and is available on Steam, Epic, Microsoft Store, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 at a suggested retail price of $7.99. You can watch the trailer directly below this news. At the same time the Content Creator Pack Map pack 2 with more biomes and the African Vibes Radio Station released.

Financial Districts introduces the Investments feature and more than 100 assets that allow you to boost your city’s economy with new buildings, services and specializations. You can invest in industries like healthcare, mining, and agriculture to meet the needs of your citizens.

Financial Districts key features:

  • Investments: With money wisely invested, you improve the quality of life of your residents. Many sectors such as funerals, healthcare, oil, ore, agriculture, generics and logistics need support. Keep track of your investments with the new Stock Trading tab.
  • Stock market: Mutual funds can be taken to a higher level with the help of a stock market. This new building also unlocks the tax revenue bonus for office zone buildings in its area.
  • Banks: Banks add another service to cities and improve security thanks to their money transporters. Removing cash from the Industrial Zone buildings reduces the area’s crime rate.
  • Financial District Specialization: Reaching the Big Small Town milestone unlocks a new district as an office zone. Financial Districts features a new visual style and generates higher taxes than basic office zones, but at the same time lowers resident happiness. The tax revenue bonus increases when an exchange is nearby.
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The content creator pack “Map Pack 2” released at the same time delivers ten new maps to represent different biomes such as temperate climate, tropics, desert and others. Additionally you can purchase the African Vibes Radio Station which contains 16 tracks. Next up is the Content Creator Pack Africa in miniature appear, which will be released as part of the “Cities: Skylines World Tour”.