Diablo 4: The Lilith Statue is sold out in the Blizzard Gear Store – Here you can still get it and even cheaper

diablo lilith statue

Recently, the developers in a live stream of diablo 4 new details revealed. There you could also see a buyable statue of Lilith, the antagonist of the title. We tell you where you can get the statue, although it is already sold out in the Blizzard Store.

What was that live stream? With the announcement of Diablo 4’s release date, Blizzard has also shifted its press relations up a gear. Game director Joe Shely, among others, chatted inside out to get the publicity drum rolling for one of the most important releases of the coming year. You can watch the stream as VoD on Twitter look at.

The Battle Pass and the Diablo 4 Collector’s Box were presented in the stream. The box provides you with cool artwork, but the game is not included. The confusion was particularly great because, according to an insider, there should be 3 editions of Diablo 4 with different content.

Although this immediately caused a controversy, the rush for the box continued unabated. If you are interested, you can find them in Blizzard Gear Store. What you won’t find there anymore, however, is the Lilith statue. We can help with that.

Did you miss the announcement? Check out the Diablo 4 release date trailer here:

Diablo 4: The trailer for the release date

Lilith statue so popular, already sold out at Blizzard

Where can I get the Lilith statue? You can still get the Lilith statue at fragstore.com to buy. There it is currently even reduced by 14 percent and is offered for €559.99 (as of 12/16/22 / 6:00 p.m.).

We can reassure any collectors who have concerns. This is an officially licensed Blizzard product and is no different than the statue that was available for purchase on the Blizzard Gear Store.

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However, since this statue is a hand-painted product, it may be that two statues differ slightly in terms of color in some details or differ from the product image on the shop’s website.

The hand-painted Lilith statue shows many small details

What’s the deal with the Lilith statue? In the twitch stream you could already see the Lilith statue in the background. The statue is a proud 68 cm high and made of polyresin. It depicts Lilith, the antagonist of Diablo 4, holding Diablo’s skull in her hands.

The statue of Lilith is very filigree and detailed and also painted by hand. This is not an action figure, but a statue for real collectors. This also explains the quite proud price of over 600 €.

Despite the high price, the rush for the collector’s item continued unabated and the statue is now sold out in the official Blizzard Gear Store. But don’t worry, if you still want the daughter of hatred under the Christmas tree, you can still buy a statue.

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Have you already ordered the Lilith statue? Do you already have other Blizzard Store collectibles on your shelves at home? Or is that too expensive for you and you would rather invest the money in one of the Digital Deluxe Edition of Diablo 4? We’d love to hear your opinions, feel free to leave us a comment!

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