Guerrilla confirm their rumored online Horizon game is indeed real

Guerrilla confirm their rumored online Horizon game is indeed real

The universe that began with Horizon Zero Dawn is expanding, with devs Guerrilla Games confirming that they’re working on a new single-player games for Aloy, and a separate “Online Project” set in the same universe. Announced in a tweet today, it confirms previous rumors that Guerrilla were working on an online multiplayer Horizon game, and a recent batch of job listings for the project have given us a glimpse of what we might be able to expect once it’s ready.

We rather enjoyed Aloy’s adventures when Horizon Zero Dawn made its way to PC.

guerrillas job listing for a writer for the Online Project talks about pitching “compelling ideas for quests, factions, and backstories”, while another listing for lead combat designer mentions creating “playable characters and a variety of enemies (Machines & Humanoid)”. The senior machine combat designer posting, meanwhile, mentions creating “a variety of Machine enemies that are spectacular, challenging and memorable to fight cooperatively”, suggesting you’ll be able to team up with pals to take down its big mechanical beasties Monster Hunter-style. Beyond that, though, your guess is as good as ours.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of a multiplayer game set in the Horizon universe. The existence of such a project at Guerrilla was first leaked by multiple sources back in October, and this new Online Project does seem to fit the bill here. At the time, it was also alleged the game would end up on PC, alongside PlayStation consoles, so here’s hoping we get to see it at the same time rather than having to wait the best part of a year (if not longer) for it to come to PC.

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Last month, a massively multiplayer Horizon game was also rumored to be in development at Guild Wars publisher NCsoft. This is likely to be a separate game to the Online Project mentioned in the job adverts, though, as all those positions state that they’re based in Guerrilla’s studio in Amsterdam. Rather, if NCSoft are working on a Horizon game, that’s likely to fall under Guerrilla’s ‘External Projects’ bracket, as mentioned in the tweet below.

There’s no name for the Horizon Online Project game just yet, but suggestions in the comments, please.