Henry Cavill: Mega fee for mini appearance in Black Adam!

Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam.

It’s now official: Henry Cavill will not take on the role of Superman in the DCU going forward. Any hopes raised by his appearance in the DC flick Black Adam are gone. We recently reported that despite his announcement on Instagram back in October, James Gunn is not planning on starring him as Superman. Many fans were both of this, as well as of his departure from the Witcher series extremely disappointed. But at least in financial terms, Cavill’s mini-comeback in the blue jumpsuit has more than paid off. Say and write $250,000 was able to capture the actor with his brief appearance at the end of the hotly debated DC film.

$500,000 for Cavill

However, Henry Cavill was not only able to look forward to huge amounts of money because of his Black Adam cameo. Finally, Umberto Gonzalez, a journalist for The Wrap website, reports that Cavill also had an appearance in The Flash movie. This cameo was also remunerated with 250,000 US dollars. Accordingly, the former Witcher star was able to $500,000 with two rather short scenes, one of which will probably not even be shown anymore.

Rumors about Cavill have been piling up for a few weeks. Not only The Witcher and Superman provided a topic of conversation, but also the brand James Bond. After all, it is not officially known until now who is actually following in the footsteps of Daniel Craig will kick. Since a return to the Witcher series currently seems impossible, there is now further speculation about Cavill’s future. This has already been his appearance in a Warhammer series called.

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It remains to be seen where we will see the actor in the future. But in any case, his bank account should by no means complain about the short comeback.