Hideo Kojima hopes to unveil his second project alongside Death Stranding 2 next year

Hideo Kojima hopes to unveil his second project alongside Death Stranding 2 next year

Hideo Kojima currently has two games in development. At the Game Awards, the legendary game developer revealed that one project is a Death Stranding sequel. His second project, being developed alongside Death Stranding 2, is still a secret.

Maybe there will be news next year

Kojima would like to reveal the secret of this “completely new game” next year, writes VGC. However, Kojima does not make a promise. In a video message on the seventh anniversary of Kojima Productions, the boss gave an overview of what is currently being worked on.

“In addition to DS2, we are also preparing a completely new game and some visual projects,” said Kojima. “I hope to give you more information about all these projects next year.”

He also briefly showed Kojima Productions’ new office and explained that in this “new environment” the team will “expand their creative scope more than ever”.

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Everything we know so far

Presumably, this as yet unannounced new game is related to the cloud-based project Kojima is working on with Xbox. Without revealing anything about it, the collaboration was announced in June this year.

Kojima said at the time that it was a game he “always wanted to make” and explained that it was a whole new game. “One that no one has experienced or seen before. I’ve waited a very long time for the day when I can finally start developing it.”

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“With Microsoft’s innovative cloud technology and the turnaround in the industry, it has now become possible to challenge myself to develop this unprecedented concept.”

Some leaks suggest that this is a horror game called Overdose.