Nintendo Switch Online: 4 fresh titles in the subscription service

Nintendo Switch Online (Service) von Nintendo

A total of four Mega Drive classics find their way into the roster of the Nintendo Switch Online service. Among them: Columns, Sega’s answer to Tetris, which has been successful to this day.

In Columns, colorful diamonds fall out of the sky in proper style, while the iconic music blares in the background. In the corresponding trailer for the December update of Nintendo Switch Online, we also get to see the remaining three titles.

Nintendo Switch Online: Which 4 titles are hidden in the December update?

In addition to Columns, we now also find Golden Axe 2, Alien Storm and Virtua Fighter 2 in the game update for the month of December. If you want a foretaste, you can take a look at the announcement trailer again below:

The first part of the beat ’em up side scroller Golden Ax was previously offered on Nintendo Switch Online. In Alien Storm, also a side scroller, we fight off an invasive alien species from Earth. And with Virtua Fighter 2, there’s even harder fighting action in 2D optics on top.

If you want to play the retro titles as part of the Nintendo Switch Online line-up, you need the corresponding expansion pack in addition to the service itself.

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