Overwatch 2: Balance adjustments for Doomfist, Ramattra and more

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The latest update for Overwatch 2 makes balance adjustments to Doomfist, Ramattra, and more heroes.

An update for Overwatch 2 is now available for download on all platforms.

The latest update to the action game involves balance adjustments for seven heroes. The developers made changes to Doomfist, Ramattra and Orisa, among other things.

Please refer to the patch notes for details on hero adjustments.

Patch Notes



doom fist

rocket punch

  • Cooldown increased from 3 to 4 seconds

power blocks

  • Minimum damage mitigated required to empower Rocket Punch increased from 80 to 100 damage

‘The Best Defence…’

  • Temporary health gained per target hit with abilities decreased from 40 to 35 health


Terra Surge

  • Now pierces through barriers upon impact

Augmented Fusion Driver

  • Damage falloff range increased from 15 to 25 meters


Nemesis form

  • Movement speed increased by 20%
  • Armor bonus increased from 150 to 225

Void Barrier (Omnic Form)

  • Cooldown reduced from 15 to 13 seconds




  • Primary fire spread increased by 28%

Disruptor shot

  • No longer slows enemy movement

power slide

  • Cooldown increased from 6 to 7 seconds


Pulse pistols

  • Damage reduced from 6 to 5.5



Biotic Rifle

  • Damage and Healing increased from 70 to 75

Biotic grenade

  • Effect duration increased from 3 to 4 seconds


  • ProtectionSuzu
  • Invulnerability duration reduced from 1 to 0.85 seconds

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