Peridot: Another beta expansion, this time to Australia

Peridot: Beta now also unlocked in Denmark (1)

from Susan Brown
Pokémon Go developer Niantic’s AR pet sim Peridot is once again unlocked for more beta testers – this time it’s the Australia region’s turn. When is peridot coming to Germany? An official availability of peridot in Germany can only be expected in spring 2023.

All those of you who are waiting for the official launch of the new AR app from Pokémon Go developer studio Niantic will be making long faces. The worldwide soft launch of Peridot has been carried out step by step since April 2022, but not here. Danes are now allowed to adopt their new AR pet, Norwegians are already playing with the Dots anyway, and Peridot can also be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play in Singapore and Malaysia.

The same applies to Australia from now on, because as the people from Niantic announce via Twitter, the beta is now also available in the country.

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Players worry if Peridot will actually appear

Of course, in all countries where the Peridot beta hasn’t started yet, interested players are wondering when it’s their turn. Under Niantic’s beta announcement, however, there are now also worried commentators who do not really believe that Peridot will bring in enough money to maintain the game in the long term or even to officially release it at all.