Pokémon GO: The best Pokémon and moves you need to secure for C-Day in December 2022


Community Day in Pokémon GO with the monsters from 2022 and 2021 will take place on December 17th and 18th, 2022. Which ones are worth it?

This is Community Day in December: The two-day Community Day brings all the monsters from Community Days 2022 and 2021 back into play – partly in the wild, partly in raids and eggs.

You can find everything about the bonuses in the December 2022 Community Day guide.

As a result, a wide range of monsters is available at the weekend, which also comes with special attacks. But which one should you secure?

If you are missing a monster or a shiny variant, you should definitely grab them. But which Pokémon are really useful for raids, arenas or the battle league?

We show you using the database of gamepress a brief overview of the strongest Pokémon for C-Day in December 2022. Important: Since only the last developments get the special attacks, we look at these last stages here.

The best monsters of December’s Community Day


Hydreigon is the best Dark attacker in the game, and it wasn’t that long ago that it was bloody rare. If you don’t have one, you should get one – if you only have one, you should get more.

attack: Hydreigon learns Spinner, its ideal move as a Dark attacker.



Garchomp is an absolute top Boden-type attacker. If you don’t have it yet, you should definitely try to get one or more. Also a good monster in the master league. It’s also still pending its Mega Evolution, which will eventually make it even more powerful.

Attack: Garchomp learns earth powers, which is another small upgrade. However, earthquakes are also strong.


Pokemon Go Sumpex

Evolves from Hydropi and is useful in both Battle League and Raids. However, it is even better in the crypto variant and especially with its mega development. Mega Sumpex is currently the best water attacker in the game.

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There was Mega Energy for Sumpex on the Hoenn Raid Day, and there should be another opportunity for the Mega on the Hoenn Tour. A strong Sumpex (or Crypto-Sumpex) is definitely worth it.

Attack: It learns Aqua howitzer, its best option.

Good monsters


Pokemon GO Venusaur

Bisaflor was one of the best plant attackers for a long time, but has now been overtaken by other monsters as a raid attacker. Still useful, especially for new players. Also a good option in Battle League (Super League).

However, don’t forget that it has a strong mega evolution and there is also a good Crypto version that you can collect candies for.

Attack: It learns Flora Statue, which is the best option for Venusaur as a Charged Attack.


Pokémon GO Machamp Shiny

Still a good option for raids and arenas, although other combat attackers have now overtaken it. But it’s a fast, strong attacker who can help you out – this is especially true for the Crypto variant. Also quite useful in the Battle League.

attack: The dark attack Counterattack is not ideal, Machamp is better off with combat attacks.


Pokemon Go Dragoran

Similar to Machamp and Venusaur, Dragonite is an ancient Pokémon that has had a partial overhaul. However, it’s still one of the top dragon attackers in raids and arenas, as well as a strong option in Hyper and Master Leagues in PvP. You can also collect candies for your crypto version.

attackMission: Draco Meteor is strong, Enrage would be an even stronger alternative.


Pokémon GO Sea Pug Sea Jong Walraisa

Is not particularly interesting for raids, but a real weapon in the super and hyper league. This is mainly due to the Community Day version of the monster, because it gets the following…

attacks: Powder Snow and Ice Spear make Walraisa a very good monster in Battle League. That’s why it’s particularly worth developing Walraisa for Community Day – otherwise it won’t get these moves directly.

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Pokemon GO Brockoloss

Brockoloss is a good option if you’re looking for rock attackers. It may be overtaken by other monsters, but its Community Day move makes it useful in raids. However, note: It takes a lot of candies to develop if you don’t have anyone to trade with.

Attack: Meteor Beam is currently the best Charged Attack for Brockoloss, so it’s worth it.



Skelabra can act both as a strong fire attacker and as a spirit attacker. So it can be very useful in raids, in the battle league it is rather less useful.

Attack: It gets the move Poltergeist in the event, but it’s not really worth it. As a fire attacker, Skelabra needs Heat Fever, as a ghost attacker, Spook Ball. So develop it more after the event or use a TM.


Pokemon GO Staraptor

Above all, Staraptor can cause problems for many Tier 3 raid bosses and stands out as a decent flight attacker. The bird is particularly interesting in the crypto version – if you have a good variant there, collecting candies could be worthwhile.

However, Staralili is not a particularly rare monster either – accordingly, one could also focus on other monsters.

Attack: As an attack, Staraptor gets the instant attack “Blast of Wind”, which is not bad for the attacker. Wing Flap is a similar alternative, so it doesn’t rely on the Community Day move.


Pokemon GO Roserade

Roserade just falls into this category, having been overtaken as an attacking Pokémon by other Pokémon. However, at times it was one of the best plant options against raids, and it’s still going strong. In the league, however, rather not useful.

attacks: Roserade learns Com-Day as a Fire-type Charged Attack Meteorologist and as a Fast Attack Bullet Seed. This is not ideal, Razor Leaf and Shrub are better.

Rather something for collectors if the Pokédex entry or the Shiny is missing

  • Fiaro only just ends up in this area because it basically has no value in raids and cannot convince in either the super league or master league. But things are different in the Hyperliga – there it is a viable candidate.
  • barricadex looks very cool, but gives no advantage in raids. But with “Blocker” it’s still an option in the Battle League.
  • Serpiroyal learns Flora Statue, but other Plant Attackers are stronger.
  • Flambirex learns blaze cannonade, but is also overshadowed by other fire attackers.
  • Admurai makes the starter trio full – and is overtaken by other monsters despite the aqua howitzer.
  • costurso is neither useful for raids nor in the battle league.
  • Ursaluna is not for raids, also difficult in battle league – except for a niche in master league.
  • dusky learns a good attack with Spook Ball, but is largely useless as an attacker.
  • Altaria with lunar force is not a particularly good attacker, still has a niche in the fighting league. However, its Mega Evolution can provide a good attack bonus for raid lobbies.
  • Alola Geowaz with waltz is not a bad attacker, but is clearly overtaken by other monsters. May be of interest to new players.
  • Alola sandamer not good for raids with darkclaw, but an option for super and hyper leagues.
  • sandamer with night swipe neither in raids nor league really useful.
  • The Eevee Evolutions can fill certain niches, but are mostly overtaken by other monsters. Above all Felinara with psychoshock but can convince in the hyper league.
  • Luxtra is a solid Electric attacker, but is eclipsed by a few other monsters.
  • Papungha isn’t a particularly exciting attacker—not with the Acrobatics move, and not otherwise. But has a niche in the super league.
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Which Pokemon are you aiming for this weekend? Tell us in the comments!

Otherwise, Vivillon is now also on the road in Pokémon GO. A guide to patterns and regions around Vivillon can be found here.