Tiny Football: Patch Brings Editor // Demo Available – News

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December 16, 2022 – 6:33 p.m — last updated 6 hours ago

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The fun retro top down soccer game Tiny Football (in check) by solo developer Martyn Bisett has been regularly patched since the early access start. The latest version 0.0.3 patch brings the highly anticipated team and player editor. You can now change the names of the teams and their colors, change the names of the players, their skin and hair color, and their club affiliation. You can also add new national teams. Another great innovation is that in tournaments and in seasonal operations, the starting line-up is carried over to the next game. Other changes include a slightly increased difficulty for long-range shots.

A demo was also released on the occasion of the final of the soccer World Cup. In the demo you can compete with Argentina or France. Either against the AI ​​or a friend.


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