Trackmania: Winter Campaign 2023 will be released in two parts // Trailer – News

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December 16, 2022 – 5:08 p.m — last updated 10 hours ago

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The first part of the 2023 winter campaign for the fun racer track mania has already appeared. You can already use the 290 new blocks and other items for the track editor and create new race tracks in a wintry atmosphere. Included in this pack are blocks, lights, dynamic signs, stages and canopies, among others. A beta version of the new voice chat will allow you to communicate with other players.

The second part of the update is scheduled to be available on January 1, 2023 and will include 25 new wintry routes as well as 34 prestige skins that you can gradually unlock through races or by achieving certain achievements. You will also have the opportunity to take part in the e-sports world tour to compete with other players in 2v2 game mode.

If you want to see the new features of the winter campaign in action, you can watch the trailer below. A look at Trackmania can be worth it Benjamin Brown gave the game a good grade in a GG test and expressly praised the fun of the game.

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