Twitch streamer Trymacs invites you to the big football event on Joyn – These 31 influencers are there

Twitch streamer Trymacs invites you to the big football event on Joyn – These 31 influencers are there

Max “Trymacs” Stemmler (28) joins the Twitch streamers who get their own format on the Joyn platform. However, the event was not under a lucky star and cannot take place as planned – we at MeinMMO will show you how The Big Kick works now, who the participants are and how you can watch the show.

What is this event? Trymacs organizes another sports event with “Der Große Kick”. A total of 6 teams consisting of German influencers are to compete against each other in indoor soccer. The streamer previously hosted The Great Fight Night boxing event on Joyn.

The event was originally supposed to take place on an ice surface as a “kick on ice”, but entertainer Stefan Raab put an abrupt end to these plans: he threatened a fine of up to 500,000 euros because the concept was too close to one of his own formats.

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Participants, location and broadcast of Der Große Kick

These influencers are included: on Instagram Joyn shared some information about the event. In addition to Trymacs himself, the streamers and YouTubers MckyTV, Fritz Meinecke, Marc Eggers, Amar and Rewinside will be at the start as captains of the 6 teams.

A Twitter user also shared a screenshot from a Trymacs Instagram story. In addition to Trymacs, this resulted in 30 other participants (as of December 16, 3:00 p.m.) :

  • Trymacs
  • Rewinside
  • Inscope21
  • MckyTV
  • Jonas Ems
  • Viscabarca
  • Fritz Meineke
  • Amar
  • Sasha Huber
  • Tim Fork
  • Marc Eggers
  • papa plate
  • starlet nova
  • Max
  • abugoku
  • Younes
  • Mexify
  • Breitenvonberg
  • repair
  • mehdi
  • Pain
  • Hanna Tulnik
  • Chef Strobel
  • Rumathra
  • Stephen Gerick
  • Shpendi
  • Fabio Schaefer
  • Survival Mattin
  • hanky
  • Mahluna
  • Nico Stemmler
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Originally, the Twitch streamers MontanaBlack and EliasN97 should also appear as team captains. However, as stated on the venue’s website, the schedule change may have impacted potential attendees (via Lanxess Arena).

Joyn’s Instagram story indicates that MontanaBlack will probably be there as a field reporter.

Here you can see the event: The big kick can be followed on December 29 from 5 p.m. in the Lanxess Arena in Cologne or live on Joyn.

How much does the event cost? The soccer event will be streamed on Joyn for free. Tickets are available from €32.49, for a premium ticket you have to pay at least €55. Ticket sales are via the Lanxess Arena website.

After the rocky start, the Trymacs football event can now hopefully take place without further incident. It was different with his Twitch colleague MontanaBlack. On his show “Get Away!” there was an accident and the reaction of the spectators was rather mixed.

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