WoW: Patch 10.0.5 brings new old dragon riding tracks… backwards

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from Philip Sattler
Patch 10.0.5 brings some new content for WoW: Dragonflight. This also includes other races for kite riding. However, we already know the routes. But this time we’re going to fly them backwards, which should make for some interesting experiences.

Riding the dragon is not only very popular with us, but seems to be well received by the players. Of course we don’t have any other choice, since we are not allowed to fly with our normal mounts on the dragon islands and are dependent on the dragons – both for world quests and to get from A to B and even in the dungeon the developers have the system integrated.

So it’s hardly surprising that the upcoming patch 10.0.5 will be followed by the next content. However, this time the developers are making it relatively easy for themselves. Because we’re not getting any new features or elaborately designed systems, just new routes. And even here, the devs are taking the easiest route available.