4Players: Games of the Year 2022: 4th place: Vampire Survivors

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Vampire Survivors polarizes: From “stupid simple game that appeals to the lowest instincts” to “my game of the year” everything is included. Anyone who played it for a few hours would probably no longer agree with the first statement – ​​the mechanics are too finely balanced, the activation mechanism too perfectly staggered, the countless Easter eggs and secrets too clever and creative.

It is not for nothing that the indie project, which has been in Early Access since the end of 2021 and was finally released at the end of October (also on the Xbox), has almost become a viral hit. The “phenomenon” Vampire Survivors is exciting, even if you don’t know what to do with the genre or just stop by to moan.

But what makes the game special, how does it work? If you don’t have time for our big test, we can only tell you this much at this point: In Vampire Survivors you control a pixel fighter from the top view, which fires or strikes automatically – first a few, soon dozens and finally thousands of his weapons are shattered enemies. Meanwhile, you level up, become stronger and more deadly – and unlock new items, characters, levels and permanent reinforcements round after round. There is also a formidable motivation curve for free and the search for the perfect build is insanely fun. On top of that, the optical project overkill and the pounding carpet of sound trigger the endorphin boost in the brain. You feel like a pixel god, under whose hissing attacks the hostile armies burst – power fantasy and casino luck (without real money stake) for only 4.99 euros!

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