After the success of Avatar 2 – star producer James Cameron is already planning the next project?

Movie posters for "Death Note"  (2017),

This week it finally happened, more than a decade later it finally came out Avatar 2: The Way of Water and currently it looks like James Cameron has created a real masterpiece. But also the lesser-known manga film adaptation Alita: Battle Angel from 2019 was penned by Cameron. According to the latest indications, the motion capture strip could soon go into the second round.

Is there a sequel to Alita: Battle Angel in the pipeline?

The manga live-action adaptation from 2019 met with rather mixed reviews within the press and reached Rotten Tomatoes just a rating of 61 percent and that despite the German star cast Christoph Waltz. For a long time it was only hardcore fans who seriously believed in a sequel. This could change now.

in one Interviewed by Variety languages Director Robert Rodriguez and Producer James Cameron, who had already worked together on the first part, about a possible Alita sequel. Cameron even asked the director to take a “virtual blood oath” to work together on the project. It seems as if this is really a heart project of the two.

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