Blizzard announces the return of the Overwatch World Cup for 2023 Dexerto

Published: 2022-12-17T20:53:37

Updated: 2022-12-17T20:53:51

It’s been years since the Overwatch World Cup brought together the best each region has to offer in one global event. Now, they have announced the return of the tournament in 2023.

Despite everything from launch issues to player complaints about game balance, Overwatch 2 is still going strong.

Although the pro scene has undergone some big changes with team size being reduced from 6 to 5, Blizzard seems fully committed to fostering a pro scene for Overwatch 2.

They’ve shown that commitment by bringing back the Overwatch World Cup in 2023. As the first World Cup since 2019, it will be the first major international event of this scale for Overwatch 2.

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The Overwatch World Cup returns in 2023

The World Cup 2023 announcement came with some details, as well as a roadmap for when more information about the event will be released.

The Overwatch World Cup exists separately from the Overwatch League and has more ways for players around the world to participate.

36 teams will be created to compete against each other, and players who are Diamond or higher will be able to participate in trials for a chance to represent their region.

This roadmap shows Blizzard’s projected schedule for the Overwatch World Cup, with qualifiers starting in June. The lengthy process of finding the best players in each region will continue well into the year, with the top 16 teams competing in the fall of 2023.

The article continues after the announcement.

The World Cup will be held alongside the professional league, so this is a tournament meant for the best Overwatch players not currently playing the professional game.

At the time of writing, the 36 participating regions have not been confirmed.

With the announcement of this international tournament, players will have more ways to keep up and interact with the highest level of play than just OWL.

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