Crazy Streamer completes Elden Ring twice – at the same time

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Elden ring is a damn thing in itself heavy game. Many players already bite their teeth at the first bosses like Margit or Godrick. Not to mention the toughest opponents in Elden Ring, which drive almost everyone to despair. For example, how long did it take you to defeat Malenia? Or did you find her at all, after all she hides quite well and is not a boss that you absolutely have to beat in the main story. A streamer has now defeated this Malenia and many other bosses. And that twice! Now some will think: “So what, with enough perseverance it’ll be fine”. But we haven’t told you exactly how she did it yet: Because not only does she have the bosses defeated on two consoles at the same time. No, in addition to a normal controller, she has one for the second boss fight dance mat, as known from “Dance Dance Revolution”, for example. And that’s damn impressive!

Twice at the same time and then with a dance mat

That’s right, the streamer MissMikkaa doesn’t seem to be content with simply defeating all bosses with just one hand without ever dying. Or performing a similar feat with her feet while playing with a level one dance mat. The Swede also decided to put her Elden Ring skills to the ultimate test by collecting two Elden Ring saves (buy now €39.99 / €53.99 ) simultaneously – using a controller on the PlayStation 5 and a dance pad on a PC.

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And if that wasn’t enough, she’s made life in the Between Lands even harder for herself: she has to defeat bosses in both games in the same attempt. Only then does victory count as such. This made for extremely tight moments where the boss fell on one screen while MissMikkaa died on the other.

Nevertheless, she has shown a lot of stamina and has meanwhile also defeated other bosses such as Godrick or Margit in addition to Malenia. And you can imagine how difficult that is. Not only is Elden Ring a really tough game in general. If you then have to concentrate on two screens and even use a dance mat for controls, it’s really incredibly impressive. But take a look for yourself:

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Inspiration was the Game Awards for Elden Ring

According to the streamer, winning Elden Ring Game of the Year at the Game Awards was extra motivation to try again. Until now, trying to play the game twice at the same time and with a dance mat has been “very hard”. But when she managed to defeat Margit after several hours, she was “very satisfied”.

A normal player will certainly be happy to defeat a boss in Elden Ring quite down to earth with a controller. But it’s still fascinating what some players achieve. Because for a run like MissMikkaa did, you need a lot of patience and above all a lot of training!

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