Destiny 2: Secrets is far from dead

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If you’re not a fan of a good secret, raise your hand! Secrets spice up life, and especially that of our heroes when they uncover a mysterious secret. Entire communities form to unravel mysteries in games, just think of the sheer endurance of WoW fans when they find a clue to a new puzzle mount or pet – about Jenafur.

Destiny 2’s secret community is similarly creative and persistent (buy now €14.90 ), who swarm out to uncover mysteries with every patch, no matter how small, and with every announcement from Bungie developers. One particularly cool secret in the MMO shooter was the Omens mission, which was found when players in Strike Arms Dealer noticed a door that was previously closed… and then suddenly opened. The mysterious and mysterious lure tens of guardians out from behind the stove, even if day-to-day business in Destiny 2 currently seems dull.

With the recently encrypted messages from the developers, things went so far that those responsible at Bungie regularly had to deny: “No, no secret came into play with this hotfix, please don’t waste your time.” This happened so often that Destiny’s Secret Hunters are now wondering, “Are Secrets dead?”

No, Secrets in Destiny 2 are not dead

Assistant Game Director Robbie Stevens provides an answer to this question in the current TWAB of December 15, 2022, who thus refers directly to a misunderstanding. As part of an AMA on Reddit, the Bungista were understood as if there were no longer any secrets when it was actually about the difficulties with encrypting content. Says Stevens, “Our communications were misinterpreted as saying we were no longer creating secret experiences, which is not true. We’ve delivered hidden and secret stories and content this year and we will continue to do so next year.”

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However, after that is said and the secret community is possibly leaning back with relief, Stevens also explains that it is not really possible for the developers to create a really secret mission more than once a year. Below is a longer explanation if you want to know more.