Epic Games Store: Christmas sale continues tonight

Epic Games Store is making a secret of next week's free title (1)

It’s been in for a few years Epic Games Store has become a tradition to offer a variety of games for free for 24 hours around Christmas. This year, the store has lined up 15 different titles over 15 days for its XMAS promotion. From the December 15th to January 5th so you have the opportunity to download numerous games. It is not yet officially known which games will actually be offered during the rest of the campaign.

Free games for dinner

Daily at 17 o’clock German time changes the available title. For example, until tonight you have the opportunity to play the arcade racer Horizon Chase Turbo to secure. If you want to know which title awaits you after the much-praised racing game, you should stop by the Epic Games Store or the store’s website from 5 p.m. However, some people up Reddit may have already found out which title is behind the next package.

The website GG Deals reports that Costume Quest 2 could be the next game in the XMAS action. However, one does not refer to leaks, but to the interpretation of those resourceful Reddit users. They threw Costume Quest 2 into the room as a prediction based on the wrapping paper visible in the store, which is displayed daily for the upcoming game. Similar predictions made the day before on Horizon Chase Turbo turned out to be correct.

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