Epic Store: Second Free Game of the Christmas Promotion Now Available!

Epic Games Store: Christmas sale continues tonight (1)

The Epic Games Store tradition of giving away a new full game to all of their users every 24 hours during the holiday season will continue this year. The action started yesterday with the racing game Horizon Chase Turbo, since today at 5 p.m. this has been exchanged for the next free title.

This is the new free game in the Epic Games Store holiday sale

As for the content of the “mysterious game,” the suspicions of some resourceful Reddit users have turned out to be true. These took advantage of the in-store gift wrapping that is displayed daily for the upcoming free game and prophesied Costume Quest 2 as the free title for December 17th. So you have until tomorrow at 5 p.m. Costume Quest 2 link to your game library on the Epic Games Store. As usual, no one can take the title away from you after this.

Costume Quest 2 is, as some users may have guessed, the sequel to Costume Quest. In the cute RPG, players can once again experience all the things that made the first offshoot so popular. Among them, of course, trying on new costumes, getting rid of creepy adversaries, and exploring heaps of eerily beautiful landscapes that are bursting with Halloween charm.