Glorious GMMK Pro Review

Glorious GMMK Pro Review GamersRD 2fd

Glorious has had an ultra-premium keyboard for some time now that offers us the most extensive customization ever seen, the GMMK Pro It is a fully customizable high-profile mechanical keyboard that promises to give us beauty and, above all, the best experience.

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The reality of keyboards this small is that you can’t just have one, there come times when you want to have a variety that suits our taste, as well as being easy to fit on our desk.

In this review we will talk about the experience assembling the keyboard with a series of switches and keys that Glorious has provided us. In the review we will be installing and talking about the following accessories:

You can see the images of the accessories below and at the end all the unboxing along with a preview of the entire installation process, which by the way is very easy.

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Let’s talk about the most important thing first, this super heavy black case that we opened without a single switch and key installed. The GMMK Pro is a keyboard that feels quite sublime (heavy) and of quite durable quality. This is a 75% keyboard with a TKL style, it has a completely customizable style (you can even change the aluminum plate very easy), a very durable aluminum body, a vibrant RGB on each of the keys and a programmable key (the current one for the volume on the right above).

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Glorious GMMK Pro Review GamersRD 2as Glorious GMMK Pro Review GamersRD 2566 Glorious GMMK Pro Review GamersRD 2566

The 75% layout is something I quite like, and for someone like me who uses almost exclusively full-size keyboards, that’s saying something. The layout retains the directional arrows, softkeys up, and five additional keys that are used for navigation by default. This overall design is an excellent compromise between form and function.

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Comparison Glorious GMMK Pro 75% vs MOUNTAIN Everest 60

This is a keyboard for enthusiasts since actually buying it to customize it is quite expensive not to mention that it can also be purchased pre-assembled and avoid all the work. Inside the box comes a normal USB-C cable, the tools to replace parts, a set of screws for those who want to change the top to a different one.

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The Glorious GMMK Pro comes with stabilizers called GOAT that are already lubricated and cut from the factory, with a bolt-on design. These stabilizers are for the larger keys and although they are ready to use I could tell at times that the keys get stuck at times. I found myself having to remove them several times to make sure everything is installed correctly.

Glorious GMMK Pro Review GamersRD 2566

Many times the return of these stabilizers is somewhat slow and makes keys such as Shift when playing (sprinting) stay for a while to return to be available again. At a certain point it is somewhat annoying, the same happens with the other keys of this magnitude.

During the installation everything was quite easy, in my case I preferred to choose the set of keys with the least noise in the center or within the most used ones and I put the rest on the edge where at certain moments I could realize that the difference was not much . This is a fully customizable keyboard so Glorious allows you to put as many switches as you want with the wide range of compatibility it has.

In this case the keys are the GPBT Premium with quite a beautiful color tone. They feel quite smooth when typing and this keyset comes ready and made for keyboards of all sizes. The installation guide and each set come separately to help you install more easily without getting lost at all.

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Glorious GMMK Pro Review GamersRD 2qaws Glorious GMMK Pro Review GamersRD 2qaws

The beauty of these keyboards is that you are not investing a lot of money unless you really want to have it in the cheapest or most expensive way. From the same fairly robust Glorious Coiled cable that adds that tone that goes perfectly with the keys.

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The RGB of this keyboard is somewhat complicated to assimilate and although this set of keys does not help enough, it can be noticed that in the black casing the RGB does not stand out as much as it can be seen in white. Although this is not an underappreciated function, RGB is quite embellishing and even more so if you can combine it with the color of the keys. Probably with some more friendly keys that help to highlight the colors of the lighting, it may be different.

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One major issue is that this keyboard comes equipped with noise-dampening layers along with the stabilizers I mentioned earlier. The reality is that regardless of the type of switches (Linear, Clicky or Tactile) the sound will be suppressed in some way or another. Most of my experience even writing this review actually was nice and solid on the noise level.

This keyboard is only compatible with Windows and with the Glorious Core software you can do a bit of everything with the keyboard like perform macros, assign a function to that volume key that I mentioned above, control RGB (although some functions are somewhat limited) and of course manage the response time of the keyboard.

Glorious GMMK Pro Review GamersRD 1 Glorious GMMK Pro Review GamersRD 1 Glorious GMMK Pro Review GamersRD 1

The Glorious Core is pretty basic but it does the job, we don’t need to be experts in programming keyboard controls to understand all the concepts mentioned. Although at times it may feel like the software is very new and may give some errors or take time to configure something, I can say that this tool complements the keyboard 100%.

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In conclusion

Having a keyboard like this costs money, of course it depends on how many special things we want to put on it to feel the quality. The Glorious GMMK Pro is a keyboard that leaves you wanting but at the same time takes us away from that feeling. Assembling it is quite easy but at the same time the cost of having that beautiful aesthetic that we are looking for can be out of our pocket. A custom keyboard from scratch can be a little cheaper but it doesn’t have the promise of durability that Glorious boasts, the accessories used in this review are of premium quality although unfortunately the “super lubed” GOAT stabilizers make the keys stick in a way quite annoying.

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This keyboard has a fairly high weight compared to others, the 75%/TKL style layout is very well distributed and although it maintains the directional arrows, other brands that have passed through my hand have done the same without sacrificing much. The GMMK Pro also comes pre-assembled to make our lives easier and something that Glorious knows how to give us is something with a lot of visual style. The Lynx and Panda keys do the job, but combined with the design of this keyboard, typing noise is literally minimal compared to other mechanical keyboards.

At the end of the day the GMMK Pro is a good keyboard, with some excellence in some areas and others that need to improve greatly. This peripheral is for the enthusiast public who loves aesthetics and not for the one looking for a quick typing solution. Something that is interesting to see is that compared to other custom keyboards (which we need to assemble by ourselves) this one has everything ready to place the switches and keys, which makes life even more comfortable. This review was made with the peripheral provided by Glorious.

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