Henry Cavill Fans Want Him To Join Marvel As Captain Britain

henry cavill captain britain marvel gamersrd

Now that James Gunn seems to be taking Superman and DC in general in a different direction, some marvel and cavill fans they have started billing him as Captain Britain.

Of course, the hero many Cavill fans have been clamoring for the former Superman actor to play is the hulking Captain Britain. He certainly has the build and looks to play the larger-than-life British hero, but as of now there’s no indication from Marvel Studios that they’re interested in Cavil or even that Captain Britain will be in the MCU.

The closest thing to Captain Britain that has been in the MCU was seen in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness with Peggy Carter taking over the role of Captain Carter. While the name wasn’t the same, she still has the super soldier serum to thank for his powers. Also, her outfit and shield are covered with Union Jack.

Continuing with the Multiverse of Madness as an example, there’s a pretty big case of fan-casting there with John Krasinski as Reed Richards. MCU fans on Twitter and Reddit were clamoring for Krasinski to be cast as the leader of the Fantastic Four, and they finally got his wish. Until Wanda unceremoniously eliminated it.


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