Horizon Forbidden West developers working on new online game: “Travel the world with friends”

horizon secret online project

Studio Guerrilla Games is working on a new secret online game. This emerges from the numerous job advertisements that the developer has published on the official website. It’s probably set in the world of Horizon.

What job postings are you talking about? Developer Guerrilla Games is looking for new employees, and lots of them. A whopping 45 positions are to be filled, covering all possible areas of game development. It’s all there:

  • tool designers
  • Lead Combat Designer
  • Gameplay Animation Manager
  • Cinematics Animation Manager
  • Stylized Senior Creature Animator
  • Game Writer and many more.
The job advertisements are divided into the categories “External project” and “Online project”.

It is interesting, however, that some job advertisements refer specifically to an “online project” whose name is still unknown. Almost half of the job offers revolve around this online project.

Hey Horizon Forbidden West, please let me solve the puzzles myself!

What kind of project could that be? From the descriptions of the positions it can be seen that a new team is apparently being built here that will work on a stylized game in the Horizon universe.

The announcement tweet also states that the story of this will not revolve around the heroine Aloy. Rather, the game will get new characters and will take place outside of the main story of Horizon.

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The tweet also suggests that the online game will at least have co-op elements, stating that “friends will be able to explore the majestic wilderness of Horizon together.”

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According to the job descriptions on the site, fans can also hope for a lot of story in the online title. The new team is looking for several writers and narrative designers who are to write a “profound and complex story” together.

For example, it could be a multiplayer co-op game or a survival game. Some fans on reddit Also hoping for a Monster Hunter like game that would suit Horizon.

And what about the Horizon MMORPG? In November 2022, Sony announced an MMORPG that will be set in the world of Horizon. However, the game is being made in collaboration with NCSoft, the Korean company behind Aion and Blade and Soul.

However, the new online game is an internal project of Guerrilla Games. It is therefore rather unlikely that this is the announced Horizon MMORPG.

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