New on Steam: Big demo update for hopeful retro shooter Selaco

New on Steam: Big demo update for hopeful retro shooter Selaco

from Yusuf Hatic
The promising shooter demo Selaco gets its next major update: Among other things, support for Valve’s Steam Deck and gamepads is added.

With Selaco, an insider tip is currently circulating among the first-person shooters on Steam as a demo, which wants to conquer the hearts of FPS fans in the style of FEAR and Doom. Six months after the first demo version of Selaco was released, developer Altered Orbit Studios has released a massive update – aptly named “The Big Patch” – with Patch v0.4, which comes up with a few changes.

Selaco: That brings patch v0.4

In addition to the usual bug fixes for pre-release versions, which according to the official patch notes should be in the three-digit range, the support for new hardware is particularly striking. As Altered Orbit Studios reports, Selaco can now also be played natively on Valve’s Steam Deck, while PC players can now also use the new patch via gamepad.

In addition, some levels have been drastically changed, which should be reflected in the level design as well as in the basic appearance of these. Among them is an in-house particle system, to which most of these effects have been migrated, which in turn results in improved performance during Selaco battles.

The underlying engine has also been revised, which should also ensure a smoother gaming experience. Lighting effects have also been completely redeveloped to literally let Selaco shine in new splendour. Hundreds of new special and sound effects round out the audiovisual overhaul within the patch. Furthermore, a lot has happened on the gameplay side according to the patch notes: The AI ​​in Selaco should act more intelligently with patch v0.4 and provide more challenges. In addition to fundamental changes in the pacing of the shooter, all available weapons have also been changed to ensure better balance.

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Source: Steam (via Reddit)