Rockstar Games: Supposed GTA 6 trailer causes irritation

Rockstar Games: Supposed GTA 6 trailer causes irritation

from Yusuf Hatic
Fans are eagerly awaiting new information about GTA 6. Hope germinated briefly with a trailer published by Rockstar Games – instead there is frustration and disappointment after the resolution.

After speculation about an imminent announcement of a release date for GTA 6 through published documents in the wake of Microsoft’s contested Bethesda takeover, fans are waiting for new details about the upcoming Rockstar Games title. They hoped for a first clue with the teaser video that recently appeared on the official Twitter channel, which was uploaded as a short and colorful logo clip – without Rockstar Games giving it a name in any way.

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It was directly speculated that the clip shown was the first promotional material for GTA 6

The reaction of GTA fans to the confusion was not long in coming: users are disappointed and accuse Rockstar Games of trolling: the publisher deliberately uploaded the clip without comment in order to generate more attention for GTA Online and thus hope taken advantage of new GTA 6 details.

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While Rockstar Games hasn’t directly responded to the allegations, the company has now released the teaser trailer as well youtube uploaded; this time also with a clear reference in the title that the clip is the LSD update for GTA Online. For new information, GTA 6 fans must continue to be patient – or wait for another mega leak like in September 2022.

Source: Twitter